Daily Reflection Podcast

#273 Daily Resolutions (Dec. 31st) - Zach P. (Philadelphia, PA)

December 30, 2021 Michael L. & Lee M. Season 2 Episode 273
Daily Reflection Podcast
#273 Daily Resolutions (Dec. 31st) - Zach P. (Philadelphia, PA)
Show Notes

Zach P. joins us once again from Philadelphia, PA to share on Daily Resolutions.

Zach's home group meets in Philadelphia at 1904 Walnut Street 7:30pm each Wednesday. Meeting details including remote dial-in information can be found at the following link:

Today marks the last day of 2021 and starting tomorrow, the podcast will be pressing pause. Thank you all for listening. We hope to be back very soon.


The idea of "twenty-four-hour living" applies primarily tothe emotional life of the individual. Emotionally speaking, we must not live in yesterday, nor in tomorrow.


A New Year: 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes—a time to consider directions, goals, and actions. I must make some plans to live a normal life, but also I must live emotionally within a twenty-four-hour frame, for if I do, I don't have to make New Year's resolutions! I can make every day a New Year's day! I can decide, "Today I will do this . . . Today I will do that." Each day I can measure my life by trying to do a little better, by deciding to follow God's will and by making an effort to put the principles of our A.A. program into action.