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Daily Reflection Podcast

Michael L. & Lee M.

The Daily Reflection Podcast delivers hope, and inspiration through interviews with members of the recovery community through the lens of the Daily Reflection book. Each day, we ask a person in recovery to read the Daily Reflection for the day, and share how this relates to their program of recovery. The result is that we learn through their experience how they manage to get and stay sober. We are not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous or any recovery program.
June 28th The Determination of Our Founders - George K. (Oceanview, DE)June 28, 2022 Episode artwork No Regrets (Jan. 14th) - Lee M. (Leesburg, VA)January 13, 2022 Episode artwork It Doesn't Happen Overnight (Jan. 13th) - Katie F. (Phila., PA)January 13, 2022 Episode artwork Accepting Our Present Circumstances (Jan. 12th) - John S. (Philadelphia, PA)January 11, 2022 Episode artwork United We Stand (Jan. 10th) - Nancy C. (Reston, VA)January 09, 2022 Episode artwork At the Turning Point (Jan. 7th) - Riley R. (Philadelphia, PA)January 06, 2022 Episode artwork Victory of Surrender - (Jan. 6th) - Chris P. (Reston, VA)January 05, 2022 Episode artwork Begin Where You Are (Jan. 4th) - Kevin P. (Jacksonville Beach, FL)January 03, 2022 Episode artwork Powerless (Jan. 3rd) - Dom F. (Reston, VA)January 02, 2022 Episode artwork First, the Foundation (Jan. 2nd) - Quentin W. (New York City, NY)January 01, 2022 Episode artwork I am a Miracle (Jan. 1st) - Louie L. - (Jacksonville Beach, FL)December 31, 2021 Episode artwork #273 Daily Resolutions (Dec. 31st) - Zach P. (Philadelphia, PA)December 30, 2021 Episode artwork #272 Bonus Episode (Dec 30th) - The Proactive 12 Steps - Serge Prengel (New York City, NY) December 29, 2021 Episode artwork #271 The Joy of Living (Dec 29th) - Tom Hilton (Jacksonville Beach, FL) December 28, 2021 Episode artwork #270 Problem Solving (Dec. 27th) December 27, 2021 Episode artwork #269 Accepting Success or Failure (Dec. 26th) - Joel Gough (Leesburg, VA)December 25, 2021 Episode artwork #268 A Sane and Happy Usefulness (Dec. 24th) - Max E. Chicago, ILDecember 23, 2021 Episode artwork #267 Principles, Not Personalities (Dec. 22nd) - Heather E. (Ashburn, VA)December 21, 2021 Episode artwork #266 The Rewards of Giving (Dec. 20th) - Kevin Petersen (Jacksonville Beach, FL)December 19, 2021 Episode artwork #265 Understanding the Malady (Dec. 19th) - Randall Patten (San Diego, CA)December 19, 2021 Episode artwork #264 A Priceless Reward (Dec. 17th) - Chris P. (Leesburg, VA)December 16, 2021 Episode artwork #263 Doing Anything to Help (Dec. 15th) - Kurt Zimmerman (Redondo Beach, CA)December 14, 2021 Episode artwork #262 Thinking of Others (Dec. 13th) - Louie L. (Jacksonville, FL)December 12, 2021 Episode artwork #261 A Common Solution (Dec. 12th) - Alex J. (Golden, CO)December 11, 2021 Episode artwork #260 Carrying the Message (Dec. 10th) - Pej A. (Los Angeles, CA)December 09, 2021 Episode artwork