Daily Reflection Podcast

February 1 - Goal: Sanity - Yuchen C. (Phila., PA)

January 31, 2023 Michael L. & Lee M. Season 3 Episode 105
Daily Reflection Podcast
February 1 - Goal: Sanity - Yuchen C. (Phila., PA)
Show Notes

Yuchen was born and raised in China and immigrated to the United States when she was fourteen. She remembers having trouble with the language and feeling very different from her classmates. She solved the challenges of being different using drugs and alcohol and this only served to create more problems. At the age of nineteen, she ended up having to enter the psychiatric unit of a hospital where she first felt the realization that she needed to get sober. Today, she has a wonderful, full life as a medical student at one of the most prestigious universities on the planet and maintains a very full schedule in addition to being a vibrant member of the recovery community and helping other women to get what she's gotten. I'm so proud to know her and to have her on the show to share on the daily reflection for today.


". . . Step Two gently and very gradually began to infiltrate my life. I can't say upon what occasion or upon what day I came to believe in a Power greater than myself, but I certainly have that belief now."


"Came to believe!" I gave lip service to my belief when I felt like it or when I thought it would look good. I didn't really trust God. I didn't believe He cared for me. I kept trying to change things I couldn't change. Gradually, in disgust, I began to turn it all over, saying: "You're so omnipotent, you take care of it." He did. I began to receive answers to my deepest problems, sometimes at the most unusual times: driving to work, eating lunch, or when I was sound asleep. I realized that I hadn't thought of those solutions—a Power greater than myself had given them to me. I came to believe.

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