Daily Reflection Podcast

January 21 - Serving My Brother - Rick C. (Phila., PA)

January 21, 2023 Michael L. & Lee M. Season 3 Episode 101
Daily Reflection Podcast
January 21 - Serving My Brother - Rick C. (Phila., PA)
Show Notes

Rick C. is a fixture in the Philadelphia recovery community. He helps so many people which is why today's reflection is so perfect. Today is Rick's sober anniversary and I want to wish him congratulations. He's helped me immensely in my recovery. I should mention that Rick keeps it real and uses language that may not be appropriate for younger audiences... and I love him for that. 


The member talks to the newcomer not in a spirit of power but in a spirit of humility and weakness.


As the days pass in A.A., I ask God to guide my thoughts and the words that I speak. In this labor of continuous participation in the Fellowship, I have numerous opportunities to speak. So I frequently ask God to help me watch over my thoughts and my words, that they may be the true and proper reflections of our program; to focus my aspirations once again to seek His guidance; to help me be truly kind and loving, helpful and healing, yet always filled with humility, and free from any trace of arrogance. Today I may very well have to deal with disagreeable attitudes or utterances—the typical stock-in-trade attitude of the still-suffering alcoholic. If this should happen, I will take a moment to center myself in God, so that I will be able to respond from a perspective of composure, strength and sensibility.

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