Daily Reflection Podcast

December 29th - The Joy of Living - Tom Hilton (Jacksonville Beach, FL)

December 28, 2022 Michael L. & Lee M. Season 3 Episode 92
Daily Reflection Podcast
December 29th - The Joy of Living - Tom Hilton (Jacksonville Beach, FL)
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Join us as Tom Hilton, from Jacksonville Beach, FL, shares his experience, strength, and hope around today's Daily Reflection, The Joy of Living. 


. . . therefore the joy of good living is the theme of A.A.'s Twelfth Step.


A.A. is a joyful program! Even so, I occasionally balk at taking the necessary steps to move ahead, and find myself resisting the very actions that could bring about the joy I want. I would not resist if those actions did not touch some vulnerable area of my life, an area that needs hope and fulfillment. Repeated exposure to joyfulness has a way of softening the hard, outer edges of my ego. Therein lies the power of joyfulness to help all members of A.A.

From the book Daily Reflections. Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

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(Cont.) #271 The Joy of Living (Dec 29th) - Tom Hilton (Jacksonville Beach, FL)