Daily Reflection Podcast

October 25th - A. A.'s Heartbeat - Leon D. (Shenzhen, China)

October 24, 2022 Michael L. & Lee M. Season 3 Episode 62
Daily Reflection Podcast
October 25th - A. A.'s Heartbeat - Leon D. (Shenzhen, China)
Show Notes

Join us to hear Leon D. from Shenzhen, China share his experience, strength and hope around the concept of A.A.'s Heartbeat.


Without unity, the heart of A.A. would cease to beat; . . .


Without unity I would be unable to recover in A.A. on a daily basis. By practicing unity within my group, with other A.A. members and at all levels of this great Fellowship, I receive a pronounced feeling of knowing that I am a part of a miracle that was divinely inspired. The ability of Bill W. and Dr. Bob, working together and passing it on to other members, tells me that to give it away is to keep it. Unity is oneness and yet the whole Fellowship is for all of us.

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