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First, the Foundation (Jan. 2nd) - Quentin W. (New York City, NY)

January 01, 2022 Michael L. & Lee M. Season 3 Episode 2
Daily Reflection Podcast
First, the Foundation (Jan. 2nd) - Quentin W. (New York City, NY)
Show Notes

This episode originally aired on January 2nd, 2021

Quentin W. from New York City joins the program today to share on the concept of the foundations of recovery. Quentin frequently attends the Sunrise Semester group in Philadelphia, PA via online meetings. I've gotten to know Quentin through his shares at meetings and he's got a phenomenal take on the foundation of recovery. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Is sobriety all that we can expect of a spiritual awakening? No, sobriety is only a bare beginning.

Practicing the A.A. program is like building a house. First I had to pour a big, thick concrete slab on which to erect the house; that, to me, was the equivalent of stopping drinking. But it's pretty uncomfortable living on a concrete slab, unprotected and exposed to the heat, cold, wind and rain. So I built a room on the slab by starting to practice the program. The first room was rickety because I wasn't used to the work. But as time passed, as I practiced the program, I learned to build better rooms. The more I practiced, and the more I built, the more comfortable, and happy, was the home I now have to live in.

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